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Nut Slot Repair

Jul 23, 2022

Nut Slot Repair


Let’s discuss some tips on using GluBoost MasterGlu, Endpoint Mark + Mask vinyl tape, and MasterShield tape to repair a guitar nut.


Nut slots that were cut or worn too deeply, and chips out of a nut, are both common repair problems for guitars, banjos, ukuleles, and mandolins. Start by creating a dam on either side of the nut using the vinyl tape from the Endpoint Mark + Mask system. That lets you pool the MasterGlu in the slot while keeping it in place.


Partially fill the slot to create a new seat for the string. Cure it with GluDry, then remove the tape. Before re-cutting the slot to the correct depth, put down a protective barrier of MasterShield tape on both the headstock and fingerboard to protect them from scratches or gouges. The string will hide the repair in the slot, so there’s no need to worry about coloring the clear MasterGlu.


In cases where you are repairing a chip or damage that will show, you can grind a bit of the nut material to dust with a file or sandpaper, and mix the dust with the MasterGlu to give you a perfect color match.


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