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Fingerboard Inlays

May 18, 2022

Fingerboard Inlays With Fill n' Finish


Since fingerboards are often left unfinished, we like to use the GluBoost’s Endpoint Perimeter Marker as our masking agent. Simply rub the crayon over the surface you plan to drill or rout, making sure it blocks or fills any pores in the wood. Now drill (for dots) or rout your fingerboard inlay voids right through the marker. Each hole or rout will have a protective border of Perimeter Marker around it to prevent the tinted Fill n Finish from coloring the surrounding pores. It will also make it very easy to sand off any excess.


Mix GluBoost MasterTint with GluBoost Fill n Finish Pro to create an inlay liquid, and use it to fill the dot holes or inlay routs. Cure it with GluDry and file or sand it flush. Use mineral spirits, naphtha, or paint thinner to remove the waxy Endpoint Perimeter Marker. The solvents won’t hurt the wood or cured GluBoost inlays, but will remove the Endpoint Perimeter Marker.


This technique is particularly versatile and cost effective for side dots because it allows you to create any size or color inlay dot without having to stock a variety of side dot materials, like Delrin rods or plugs.


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