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Innovative Tape Systems

May 13, 2022

EndPoint and MasterShield Masking


The Endpoint Mark + Mask System consists of three “markers” and a roll of repositionable, and somewhat flexible, vinyl border tape. Use the “marker” to draw a glue-stopping border around any finish repair. Or, use the tape, which is flexible enough to follow gentle curves, for straight or slightly curved lines. Or, use both; tape for straight lines and “markers” for irregular patches or as an end stop. Once you’ve got your repair site bordered, you don’t have to worry about GluBoost wandering onto areas you want to leave untouched.


MasterShield, on the other hand, comes in after you fill a repair on finished wood. When you sand a repair level, you risk sanding through the adjacent finish. MasterShield repositionable tape acts as a barrier to protect the surrounding finish from the sandpaper.


Together they form a handy system to make repairs quicker, easier, and safer by protecting the surrounding finish from both glue and sandpaper.


Fingerboard Inlays

Fingerboard Inlays With Fill n' Finish

Ding Repair

Ding Repair With Fill n' Finish

Spindle Pore Filling

Pore Filling On The Lathe