Non Blushing Accelerator

GluDry speeds up the cure of your CA glues and finishes, with no pitting, hazing, crazing, blooming, yellowing or white spots.

– Cures clear and fast every time — with far less dust and sanding

– Great for multi-piece bonding

– Acetone free

Experience the GluBoost best-in-class difference!

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Reviews (7)


  1. Tom Anderson, Tom Anderson Guitarwork

    “I love GluBoost. I never thought such a small thing could make such a difference. We never have to worry about those nasty little white spots again.”-

  2. Joe Glaser, Glaser Instruments, Nashville TN

    “By far the best accelerator we’ve seen; it creates a clean finish without crystalizing.” –

  3. Stephen Raphael Marchione, Luthier

    GluBoost is a real time saver in the studio.

  4. Scott Holyfield, Master Repair Tech, Glaser Instruments Nashville

    GluBoost is the best accelerator I have ever used. It doesn’t distort the glue, it just works better and gives you a better result.

  5. gluboost (verified owner)

    “Two years ago a friend gave me a can of GluBoost “GluDry” accelerator and it was better than any I’d ever used: no blushing, frosting, or leaving a film, and there’s never a care when using it.”
    – Dan Erlewine, Dan Erlewine Guitar Shop

  6. Paul Flynn (verified owner)

    GluBoost is a legitimate game changer, far better than any accelerator I’ve ever used. Better adhesion, no foaming, bubbling, blushing, or shrinking. Makes difficult and tricky drop fills much more predictable and manageable. With GluBoost we can meet challenging deadlines and come in under budget; with other products jobs take longer and don’t come out as well. GluBoost products are absolutely essential for anyone using CA adhesives on a regular basis.

  7. Alex Williams (verified owner)

    Best accelerator I have ever used. Doesn’t bloom, or stain the wood. Leaves a glass like finish on the glue, that is easy to work once dry. Dries in less than a second, and holds like no other. Using all the gluboost products in tandem is a must since the work is so clean, and the end result is just better. Highly highly recommend.

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