GluDry Non Blushing Accelerator

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No bubbling, no pitting, no hazing, or yellowing ever! Consistently clear and fast cure every time with far less dust and sanding! Experience the GluBoost best-in- class difference in your workplace today! Acetone Free!

• No bubbling or pitting, clouding, hazing or yellowing!

• Works fast and saves you time and effort

• Less filing needed and less dust in your workplace!

• Glues dry instantly as clear and smooth as glass!

• Great for bonding two parts together

• Never stains your wood work


Additional information

Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 0.5 × 2 × 8 in

Reviews (5)

5 reviews for GluDry Non Blushing Accelerator

  1. Tom Anderson, Tom Anderson Guitarwork

    “I love GluBoost. I never thought such a small thing could make such a difference. We never have to worry about those nasty little white spots again.”-

  2. Joe Glaser, Glaser Instruments, Nashville TN

    “By far the best accelerator we’ve seen; it creates a clean finish without crystalizing.” –

  3. Stephen Raphael Marchione, Luthier

    GluBoost is a real time saver in the studio.

  4. Scott Holyfield, Master Repair Tech, Glaser Instruments Nashville

    GluBoost is the best accelerator I have ever used. It doesn’t distort the glue, it just works better and gives you a better result.

  5. gluboost (verified owner)

    “Two years ago a friend gave me a can of GluBoost “GluDry” accelerator and it was better than any I’d ever used: no blushing, frosting, or leaving a film, and there’s never a care when using it.”
    – Dan Erlewine, Dan Erlewine Guitar Shop

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