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Inlaid Rings

Jul 22, 2022

Inlaid Rings


Let’s talk about some tips on here with tips on using GluBoost MasterGel Ultra, GluDry, and Fill n Finish to create beautiful custom inlaid rings.


Start with a ring blank with a suitable channel, and coat the channel with MasterGel Ultra. Set whatever grit, stone, or other inlay material into the uncured gel, then flow Fill n Finish thin around the inlay to help seat it.


Add more inlay if needed, then refill with Fill n Finish. You can also use MasterTint to create a colored surround of GluBoost. Cure with GluDry, then grind, file, or sand the surface smooth and flush. A thin coat of Fill n Finish will help reveal any voids.


Fill any voids, cure, and sand, then add one final coat of Fill n Finish as the finish surface. Cure the final coat with a shot of GluDry, then sand and polish up through the grits for a smooth, glossy surface.


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