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Lac R' Shot

New! Lac R’ Shot! Cold Checking Lacquer Spray. Now get “on the spot” finish checking! Great for repairs, restorations, relic finish builds, and special effects! … Lac R’ Shot! Rivals Spray Gun Lacquer!

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Non Blushing GluDry

GluDry Speeds up the cure of your CA glues and finishes, with no pitting, hazing, crazing, blooming, yellowing or white spots. Cures clear and fast — every time — with far less dust and sanding. Also, great for multi-piece bonding. Acetone Free! $12.00

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Fill n' Finish Pro Formula

Flexible, water clear, resilient and non-creeping! Fast and easy pore filling, finishes and repairs with zero to minimal witness lines using fewer coats! Super long open time!

New! Fill n’ Finish Pro Formula UltraThin $15
New! Fill n’ Finish Pro Formula White $18
Fill n' Finish Pro Formula $15
Fill n' Finish Pro Formula Thin $15
Fill n' Finish Pro Formula Black $18

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MasterTint Collection

Ultra Concentrated spot on color control! Mix and match any color to your desired hue. Formulated to work with all GluBoost products!

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MasterGlu + MasterGel Ultra

Super Strong, Super Fresh, and Ultra Clear! These are the safest, freshest, strongest and clearest CA adhesive products available, period!

MasterGlu Thin $15
MasterGlu Ultra Thin $15
MasterGel Ultra $18

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Innovative Work Tools

Choose from a variety of top shelf product accessories to save you time and money while allowing for cleaner, more accurate work.

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Fill n' Finish


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Accessories for a Great Finish

EndPoint Mark + Mask System


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MasterShield Sandable Perimeter Shield


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Pinpoint + Extender Kit


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Dispensing Spatulas


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GluBoost Loves Wood!

Looking for breakthrough turn outs for your builds, finishes, and ding and dent repair? Look no further! The GluBoost professional system provides flawless results that industry elite rely upon daily!

Take the Gluboost Challenge today.

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"A few months ago, I tried Gluboost- and have not looked back since. The GluDry Accelerator is incredible and I always get a showroom finish in 10 minutes or less with Fill n' Finish"

Mark Dreyer

The Art of Pens

"GearUp has really made a stellar product that goes on clear as water, and dries hard as rock. I would recommend it to any luthier or guitar tech. Killer stuff."

Pat Campolattano

Guitar Designer/Builder- Yamaha Artist Services

"My favorite product is GluDry accelerator. It is the only product of its kind that I know of that doesn't have some sort of side effect"

Ryan Zalevsky

Senior Design Engineer, Fender Musical Instruments Corp

"I love these products. Fill n' Finish is a real game changer for finishers because it blends beautifully and invisibly with my finishes."

Linda Manzer

Manzer Guitars

"GluBoost spray is the only accelerator spray I've ever used that doesn't foam up the CA, pit, or cloud up/get hazy. The MasterGlu line of CA's dry crystal clear, super strong..."

Jason Swanson

WoodTurner/ Instructor/ Demonstrator

"I love GluBoost. I never thought such a small thing could make such a difference. We never have to worry about those nasty little white spots again"

Tom Anderson

Tom Anderson

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