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MasterGlu | Thin

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MasterGlu Thin is a clear glue for wood, from the Original GluBoost – Guaranteed Fresh. MasterGlu Thin is perfect for guitar finish repair or any other project where a great looking, super strong, ultra clear, CA wood glue adhesive is required.

Super Strong, Super Fresh, and Ultra Clear! MasterGlu adhesives make your builds and repairs unbeatable every single time! Guaranteed Fresh!

MasterGlu Thin, is absolutely the best specially formulated thin CA adhesive around. While using less product and cutting your work time by hours, MasterGlu Thin both wicks and wets, so more product remains on the surface, making MasterGlu Thin your ideal “go to” general purpose adhesive.

MasterGlu Thin – as a 100% high purity specialty CA – is absolutely the clearest, strongest, safest, and easiest to use, all-purpose thin adhesive ever!

Includes 2 Whip Tips for pinpoint accuracy

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Reviews (5)

5 reviews for MasterGlu | Thin

  1. Dan Erlewine, Dan Erlewine Guitar Shop (verified owner)

    “I have been using Fill n’ Finish and MasterGlu superglues and found them to be as great as the accelerator. Superior in every way.”

  2. Paul Janowski, Director of Operations, Blackbird Guitars

    “We love Gear Up cyanoacrylate products. Their stuff is definitely the best out there.”-

  3. John Gaudesi, Director of R&D and Master Builder, Schecter USA Custom Shop

    ”Gear Up Products are awesome. I’m using MasterGlu exclusively for all inlay work.”-

  4. Pat Wilkins, Wilkins Guitars

    We at Wilkins Guitar Finishes use the GluBoost Family of Products for many different applications. The MasterGlu Thin and UltraThin are our go-to glues when the final details have to be perfect.

  5. Pat Campolattano, Guitar Designer/Builder, Yamaha Artist Services

    With MasterGlu Thin, GluBoost has really made a stellar product that goes on clear as water, and dries hard as a rock. I would recommend it to any luthier or guitar tech. Killer stuff.

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