MasterGel Ultra

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Absolutely the best Gel Adhesive that you have ever used. Guaranteed! MasterGel Ultra is an absolutely outstanding Ultra High Performance Gel Adhesive product. MasterGel Ultra is so sticky it clings to vertical surfaces with absolutely no run off! This UltraGel adhesive product has superior gap filling capability up to .01” and is as Strong as an Ox!
With a super long open time, MasterGel Ultra will never separate and works beautifully with GluBoost GluDry Accelerator. Does not penetrate so it’s just great for rosettes and soft wood work and it works great with lacquer! Available in a large 20 gram easy to handle metal tubes with included clog resistant tips for controlled application. Also works with our whip tips for even finer control!
• Works with GluBoost Whip Tips for even finer control!
• Clings to vertical surfaces with no run off!
• Super Long Open Time
• Superior Gap Filling capability up to .01”
• Will not separate
• Ultra Strong Formula
• Works beautifully with GluBoost GluDry
• Great for rosettes and soft wood work. Does not penetrate!
• Large 20 gram easy to handle metal tube
• Included clog resistant tips for controlled application
• Works with GluBoost Whip Tips for even finer control!

Includes 2 clog resistant tips

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Reviews (2)

2 reviews for MasterGel Ultra

  1. Dan Erlewine, Dan Erlewine Guitar Shop

    “I have been using Fill n’ Finish and MasterGlu superglues and found them to be as great as the accelerator. Superior in every way.”

  2. Alex Williams (verified owner)

    I really like this one. I use it in places where I need extreme control, and extreme hold. Has never disappointed me. It comes out thick, easy to place, easy to spread, and dries extremely well (especially when using the activator). All of these products are amazing, and I can’t recommend them enough. 10/10 on all of it.

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