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Headstock Inlays

May 19, 2022

Headstock Inlays With Fill n' Finish


Using MasterTint and GluBoost Fill n Finish Pro for inlays is about as quick and easy an inlay method as you can imagine, and it always leaves a perfectly crisp line with no gaps.


Rout or laser cut the void for the inlay. Now seal the headstock face or overlay with GluBoost Fill n Finish Thin. That will seal the wood, including the cut edges of the void. This will prevent the tinted GluBoost product, which we will be using, from bleeding into the pores and muddying the crisp lines of the inlay.


Mix the color you want for the inlay by adding GluBoost MasterTint to Fill n Finish Pro. Use the tinted liquid to fill the inlay void. Cure it with a shot of GluDry, then sand it flush. If you did not fill all the way, simply repeat the process.


That’s all there is to it.


You are now ready to go over the headstock with any finish you desire. Under the finish you’ll have a stable, inert inlay that goes right up to the edges with no gaps, in any color you choose.


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