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Spindle Pore Filling

May 18, 2022

Pore Filling On The Lathe


Here to talk about using GluBoost Fill n Finish to fill the pores of open grained wood on the lathe. Let’s start with spindles – pieces turned between centers.


Use Fill n Finish Pro Formula first. If the spindle is a simple one, you can work with the lathe running on its slowest setting. Squeeze out some Fill n Finish either onto the wood or onto an application pad and spread it as evenly as possible. Add more if you need it, or wipe off some if you have too much. When it is smooth, cure it with two quick sprays of GluDry.


On very grainy woods, like the spindle in the video, you’ll probably want to do a second coat, just to ensure you’ve got all the pores filled. With the lathe running, sand with 320 grit paper to smooth the surface, then repeat the same application process, this time using Fill n Finish Thin. Again, once it is smooth, cure it with two light sprays of GluDry.


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