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Mastering MasterTints

May 26, 2022

MasterTint mixing


The MasterTints come in red, yellow, amber, blue, black, brown, and white, and mix with any of the GluBoost products, thick or thin. With this array you can mix just about any color you need. In the video, we mixed separate batches of red, yellow, and blue, then blended them to make orange, green, and purple. As you can see in the video, you’ve got plenty of time to mix both straight and custom colors.


GluBoost also offers reusable, easy-to-clean mixing palettes and mixing spatulas. You’ll see them in the video as well.


Start by putting small amounts of the colors you think you’ll need onto a palette, along with a puddle of whichever GluBoost adhesive you choose. We used Fill n Finish Thin.


MasterTint is more concentrated than you might suspect, so start by dragging only a very small amount of pigment into the glue and mix it thoroughly until it is smooth and uniform. Add more to make a more intense color. For custom tints, either drag other pigments directly into the mix, or do what we did; mix each color first by itself, then blend the colored liquids to make custom colors.


Here’s a color mixing tip that might come in handy; if you add no more than 10% white to another color, it will increase the color’s opacity without changing the hue. Of course, more than 10% and you will start to lighten the hue however white is not a Tint one can use on its own to create pure white. It is a toner to add after other MasterTint colors are in solution.


Play with these MasterTint pigments for a while and you’ll soon get the hang of creating GluBoost products in a veritable rainbow of colors.


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