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Pen Finishing

May 26, 2022

Wooden Pen Finishing With Fill n' Finish


While finishing pens with cyanoacrylate is not new, GluBoost Fill ‘n Finish makes the job vastly easier, as you can see from the video we posted. When it’s done, you’ll have a clear, beautiful finish that is extremely durable.


Set the lathe to its slowest speed (we used 500 rpm), and use the thick (blue label) Fill ‘n Finish first. It will simultaneously fill the pores of open pore wood and apply a beautiful finish.


We used a folded paper shop towel underneath the wood, and added a few drops of Fill ‘n Finish directly to the spinning wood, wiping it on smoothly and evenly. Once it is smooth, cure it with GluDry while the lathe is running. Just a short burst will do the job.


Turn off the lathe and check your work. You’ll find this semi-gloss finish will, in many cases, be good enough by itself, making this a true 30 second finish.


Want to go a step further to a gloss finish? Sand lightly up to 1200 grit paper for a glass smooth surface, then add a second coat of Fill ‘n Finish, but this time use the thin (orange label) version. Apply a very thin, barely wet film evenly, and cure it when you’re happy with the results.


Add a blob of polishing compound to a clean, folded shop towel and, with the lathe running, buff the surface to high gloss by pressing the compound-laden pad onto the surface. It won’t take long to get a high sheen, so stop and check your work frequently.


That’s all it takes to get an elegant, durable finish on your fine pens.


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