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GluBoost Bottle Basics

May 26, 2022

Keep Adhesive Free-Flowing


Today we’re looking at the bottle instead of the adhesive inside.


Why? For two reasons. First, there’s more to it than meets the eye, and second, to offer some quick tips on keeping the adhesive free-flowing and the tips clean.


Inside the cap, there’s a metal pin. Each time you replace the cap, the pin clears the hole and blocks it, so it doesn’t clog and the adhesive doesn’t solidify in the bottle. In addition, it comes with a pop-on tip extension, that lets you get into tight spots, and a pop-on whip end for placing even small amounts of adhesive with precision accuracy. Both are very handy.


Here’s how we keep the tips clear. After each use we clear the tip by flicking it with a finger, or tapping the base on a table, or by simply squeezing the bottle until you hear air flowing through it. In every case, make sure you point the tip away from your face; you don’t want adhesive splashing into your eyes. Once the tip is clear, wipe it off with a shop towel and replace the cap.


If you should get some dried adhesive buildup on the tip, crunch it and twist it off clockwise with a pair of pliers. Dried adhesive inside the cap? Drop it into acetone, MEK, or best of all, nitromethane and let it soak until the adhesive softens enough to clean it out.


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