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Tool Handle Finishing (Off Lathe)

May 26, 2022

Off Lathe Finishing


Using GluBoost Fill n Finish for turned items, like tool handles, after they are off the lathe and have already been attached to the tool.


Start by masking off any surfaces you don’t want to finish using GluBoost Endpoint Perimeter tape or crayons. Either will stop the Fill n Finish at a clean line. In the video on finishing a whisk handle, I used perimeter tape to isolate the metal ferule from the wood handle.


Apply Fill n Finish Thin either directly to the wood and spread it evenly with an application pad. Add more if it absorbs too much, and wipe off any excess, leaving a smooth, even coating. Spray it with two light passes of GluDry to cure it. For a thicker finish or to build up enough to buff to gloss, add a second (or third) coat the same way, curing each coat with GluDry before moving on.


To buff to gloss, sand the finish with ultra-fine paper, then take it to the buffing wheel to polish it with polishing compound.


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