MasterGlu Ultra-Thin – Ultra Pure – High Performance CA Adhesive

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Absolutely the best super-thin CA you have ever used. Guaranteed!
A 100% pure wicking grade CA, MasterGlu UltraThin is the perfect super-thin adhesive for when you need deeper, more complete substrate wetting and wicking.
MasterGlu UltraThin – absolutely the clearest, strongest, safest, easiest to use, water thin adhesive ever!

• Ultra Clear Formula
• Better performance – Stronger so you can use less
• Safe for use on all finishes including Poly, Lacquer and even water-based finishes
• Super Fresh – longest shelf life available of any glue
• – Far less irritating
• Superior flow and substrate penetration – Great for sealing, wicking, and close parts attachment!
• Pen in tip cap to prevent clogging
• Included Whip Tips and Extender Nozzles for pinpoint accuracy
• Use together with GluBoost to speed curing time


Additional information

Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 0.5 × 2 × 5.25 in

Reviews (4)

4 reviews for MasterGlu Ultra-Thin – Ultra Pure – High Performance CA Adhesive

  1. Pat Wilkins, Wilkins Guitars

    ”We at Wilkins Guitar Finishes use the GluBoost Family of Products for many different applications. The MasterGlu Thin and UltraThin are our go-to glues when the final details have to be perfect.”

  2. Joseph M. Zon, President, Zon Guitars

    The MasterGlu UltraThin has been working out well. The very thin viscosity gets under “lifted” finish very well, creating a good bond. We also use it to penetrate and stabilize soft wood tops like spalted maple. We really like using all the Gear Up products in various capacities around the shop.

  3. Ken Haas, CEO, Reverend Guitars

    At Reverend Guitars, we use GluBoost brand exclusively. I love how the UltraThin penetrates wood and gets deep into binding areas. The stuff is so damn strong and clear that it’s amazing for detail work of all sorts. And we love GluBoost Accelerator for fast drying so every job takes less time on the bench. Thanks for making such incredible products!!

  4. gluboost (verified owner)

    “I have been using Fill n’ Finish and MasterGlu superglues and found them to be as great as the accelerator. Superior in every way.”
    – Dan Erlewine, Dan Erlewine Guitar Shop

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