Fill n’ Finish UltraThin


Flexible High Specificity, Wicking Finish, & Filler!

Got Scratches?  Gone!  Small Brush Work?  Done!  Blending Finishes?  Perfect!

Fill n’ Finish UltraThin Is Your Ultimate Fine Work Solution!


Self Leveling and Flexible Fill n’ Finish UltraThin is a non-creeping, water clear, non-brittle, flexible  top coat, finish, and repair solution.   Your perfect partner to all of your “fine Work” needs!  Use wherever you need high wicking and seeping capabilities. Ie: scratches, blending finishes, cracks, inlays, binding repairs, nut slot repairs, potting, stabilizing punky wood or purflings, end grain sealing.  Fill n’ Finish UltraThin is an ultra wicking flexible and durable self-leveling formula which creates a glass-like finish every single time making it your best choice for creating absolute best finish work you have ever imagined possible!

Fill n’ Finish UltraThin is perfect for:

  • Flexible top coating, Filling Scratches and Repairing all types of cracks in finishes and otherwise
  • Great for Binding Repairs, Inlays, Nut Slot Repairs, and for Blending Finishes
  • Use for small brush work and wick-ins and on any areas that a brittle, thin glue would fail
  • As a superior sealer and top coat for stains and other work materials and finishes
  • Phenonenal for Stabilizing Spalted Wood, Potting, Sealing End Tubes and Seeping into cracks like never before – Seals End Grain Beautifully!
  • Self Leveling
  • Safe for use on all finishes, Nitro, Lacquer, Poly, urethane, and even water-based finishes
  • You can shoot lacquer right over Fill n’ Finish UltraThin with completely invisible results!
  • No creeping and zero to minimal witness lines every time!

Includes 2 Whip Tips Tips for pinpoint accuracy

Fill n’ Finish Products are very slow drying products!  GluDry must be used along with ALL Fill n’ Finish products!

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