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GluBoost Brand Accessories

Choose from a variety of top shelf product accessories. Specifically designed for use with GluBoost products these save you time and money while allowing for cleaner, more accurate work. Make your work that much more of a breeze!!

Best Masking

Curved Area Run Off Control

GluDry Anywhere You Want it

EndPoint Mark + Mask System

Made for perimeter controlled CA or finish application without run off, our
EndPoint Mark + Mask System creates spot on borderlines for a secure
boundary and complete runoff control of adhesives and finishes. Designed
specifically for use with MasterGlu adhesives and Fill n’ Finish formulas,
GluBoost EndPoint Mark + Mask System eliminates adhesive and finish run off

Ultra High Performance Vinyl Tape

• Full 36 yards (1296 inches) by 1/8” wide for finer control

• Allows for repeated removal and replacement for more exacting work

• Residue free adhesive

• Conforms to regular and irregular surfaces

• Write-on capability

• Easy to ID Bright Green Color

• Sturdy plastic core

• Resistant to aging, sun, water, fungus, bacteria, oil, acids, alkalis,
and corrosive chemicals

• Through Color – Abrasion, impact and rupture resistant

• Works within a very wide temperature range

EndPoint Perimeter Markers

• Bright yellow color

•Specially Formulated – Resists adhesive and finishes

• Marks a removable perimeter where glue or finish will not go

• Soft, easy to use material

• Non-toxic

System Contents: 1 x long lasting roll – 36 yards (1296 inches) by 1/8”
wide, bright green, ultra high performance vinyl tape and 1 x box of 3
specially formulated non-toxic yellow glue and finish perimeter markers in a
”keep clean” metallic zip lock storage bag.

Pin Point Extender Kit

Now, no repair area is impossible to reach with our GluBoost Pinpoint +
Extender Kit! This is the ideal GluBoost GluDry accessory for effective

GluDry application on normally hard to access repair and restore areas.
Specifically designed for use with GluBoost Glu Dry Accelerator.

Perfect for:

• Inside acoustics and other guitars

• Achieve pinpoint application accuracy on the sides for crack repairs and
bottom areas for perfect brace repairs without wasting product trying to hit
the right repair area.

• Bridge cracks and other bridge work

• Simply focus the spray on the wood and not the finish around it!

Contents: Each kit comes in a handy reusable Zip Lock Bag complete with 2
Red extender tubes + 2 Black actuators for differentiation from your white
GluBoost Actuator.

Extender Tips

For finer control of your applications we offer Extender Tips. These
Extender Tips are made to fit our bottles perfectly and are sold in
resealable and easily identifiable metallic bags of 50 pieces.

Pair Ups: Maybe to Whip Tips

Whip Tips

For super fine control of your most demanding applications we offer
pinpoint Whip Tips which fit our standard extender tips perfectly! Whip Tips
are available in resealable and easily identifiable metallic bags of 110
pieces. (Must use Extender Tips first with Master Glu and Fill n’ Finish
bottles in order to fit Whip Tips on after).

Pair Ups: Maybe Extender Tips

Dispensing Spatulas

These Dispensing Spatulas are ideal for ease and convenience while
dispensing color.

Available as 50 spatulas per pack in resealable metallic zip lock bags.

Mix Palette

Absolutely the best, easy to grab, non-stick mixing surface available!
Period!!! Made of a unique material that CA’s just won’t stick to! Great for
mixing MasterTint into your CA products! Made of quality, super durable
material. Use as a color color-correct mixing background. Mixing Palettes
are sold individually in resealable metallic zip lock bags.

Our mixing palette is made of a unique material that CA’s just won’t stick

* Features the best, easy to grab, non-stick mixing surface
available! Period!!!

* Made of the highest quality, super durable material

* Includes a color color-correct mixing background

GluBoost For Game Changing Woodworking!

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