We posed a set of questions based on Cat’s use of GluBoost products and her first test with MasterTint.


With Fill n’ Finish Pro and/or Thin, what are their primary advantages over other finishing products you have used?


I love the GluBoost products. Fill n’ Finish hardens up without the pinholes and brittleness that our previous finishes had. One spritz of the GluBoost accelerator, a few drops of Fill n’ Finish, another quick spritz of GluBoost, and within a few minutes you are ready to level the fill. We have found it easy to level without chipping, especially if you don’t let it sit too long. It levels and buffs out very well, making an often quite almost invisible repair, even on spruce. All of us at Sound Guitar Repair love this product, and we are so happy to have found it!


What (missing) needs does Fill n’ Finish fulfill?

It is a huge step up from previous repair products for filling dents in guitar finishes, both in ease of application and the ultimate look of the result. We fill the edges of unbound frets with it, too.


Any tips or anything else you’d care to add to your review?

We love how GluBoost does not eat into finish the way some other accelerators do, and can spray it with assurance that you won’t be really sorry! This was brought home to me quite recently when I sprayed another accelerant on a fretboard, overshot, and made some ugly little spots on the finish of the guitar that I then had to fix with your own Fill n’Finish… doh!


Please give us your similar, unabridged thoughts on the new MasterTint (Vintage Kit) Color Additives.

I used one of the Vintage tints on the back of a Gibson with that Gibson red lacquer. It was a perfect match, and the big ding absolutely went away. I was quite happy with the result. One caveat: the tints are very concentrated. You sure don’t need much. I mixed up the tint and the glue in a little cup before applying and I’m glad I did… a little tint goes a very long way!